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A closer look at party email fundraising, the government's response to a housing announcement, and a constituency profile of Last Mountain-Touchwood

April 3, 2024 | Advertise with us

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Good morning. It’s Dr. Jane Goodall’s 90th birthday today and she is celebrating it with 90 dogs. Sounds like a great the best way to spend a birthday!

Here’s The SKoop for today, Wednesday, April 3:

  • A closer look at recent NDP and Sask. Party email fundraising campaigns,

  • The province responds to a federal housing announcement, and

  • A constituency profile of Last Mountain-Touchwood.

Today’s Top Stories

“Will you chip in $25?”: A look at NDP and Sask. Party email fundraising campaigns

Something that’s not often covered by traditional media, but is a critical part of modern political party and campaign operations, is email marketing and fundraising. While it may seem like an odd or outdated tactic in 2024, emails continue to be an effective way for parties and politicians to contact their supporters with a call to action. Usually that call to action is to donate money. 

Last week, leading up to the Q1 March 31 fundraising “deadline” (technically there’s not actually a quarterly reporting deadline for fundraising, unlike federal politics and other provinces, but it’s a good fundraising tactic), both the Saskatchewan Party and NDP utilized their email lists to connect with supporters and push for donations.

Here’s one email that the Saskatchewan NDP sent out from Tim Williams, their provincial secretary:

Recent Saskatchewan NDP fundraising email

On tone and language, note the line about “Scott Moe and his big money donors”. This is a common refrain in recent NDP email campaigns, and would certainly appeal to the NDP’s base. The amount that individuals donate in response to email campaigns are typically small, or “micro donations” - usually $10-$25.

Generally speaking, the NDP tend to send out more fundraising emails compared to the Saskatchewan Party. They frequently send emails to their list of supporters, and vary who the emails are “from”. Last week, NDP emails came from known figures in the party like Carla Beck and MLA Noor Burki, but other senders were party staff, like provincial secretary Tim Williams and the NDP’s treasurer, Doug Archer.

On the Saskatchewan Party side, here’s an email that came from the party’s executive director, Patrick Bundrock, last week, also with a focus on the March 31 fundraising deadline.

Fundraising email from the Saskatchewan Party

Most of the Saskatchewan Party’s emails come from either Bundrock or the party’s leader and premier, Scott Moe, ask for a small donation ($25 is usually the go-to amount) and are not quite as frequent as the NDP’s emails. In March, the Saskatchewan Party sent out twelve email blasts but not all of them were dedicated fundraising emails; other email themes were the recent budget, upcoming Premier’s Dinners, or weekly round-ups of news from the Leg.

Like the NDP’s refrain of "big donors”, the Saskatchewan Party fundraising emails almost always contain a line about “defeating the NDP” - a motivating line for Saskatchewan Party supporters.  

As the months get closer to the fall election, the two parties will continue working to grow their email contact lists and “hit send” to as many people as they possibly can.

Saskatchewan government responds to federal housing announcement

The federal government announced a new $6 billion infrastructure fund yesterday. Federal housing Minister Sean Fraser said, “The first $1 billion will be for shovel-ready projects that are ready to go and that money will flow immediately. When it comes to the additional $5 billion, that is going to be spread out over a longer period of time and the exact flow of money will be subject to negotiations with our provincial and territorial partners.”

In a written statement, the Saskatchewan government responded, saying “…it appears as though the federal government is once again wading into provincial jurisdiction by taking unrestricted infrastructure funding and tying it to housing requirements.”

The statement continued: “While multi-dwelling housing may be a high priority in major urban centers like Toronto and Vancouver, it is not a high priority in most Saskatchewan communities.” The province says they have more questions than answers. Housing and affordability remain one of the top issues facing voters right now.

The deals will have to be negotiated with the provinces, and the money has strings attached. Those include allowing more "missing middle" homes, including duplexes, triplexes, townhouses and multi-unit buildings, and imposing a three-year freeze on development charges for cities with more than 300,000 people.

Constituency Profile: Last Mountain -Touchwood

Each week leading up to the 2024 election, The SKoop Political Briefing will highlight a constituency that has nominated a candidate from at least both major parties. Today, we look at Last Mountain - Touchwood. This rural riding in the eastern-central part of the province includes the towns of Strasbourg, Ituna, Southey, and Balcarres.

The incumbent: Travis Keisig. First elected in 2020, he has farmed and worked welding jobs in the oil and gas sector. He is the legislative secretary to the Minister of Crown Investments.

The challenger: Thera Nordal. Nordal and her husband own and operate a grain farm and small business. She was the NDP candidate for this riding in 2020. She was one of the first rural candidates nominated by the party for this election.

The takeaway: The odds are LMT is a safe Sask. Party hold. This is a rematch from 2020 that saw Keisig hold the riding with 62% of the vote compared to Nordal’s 25%. The Saskatchewan Party has held this riding since 1999 after defeating an NDP incumbent. Projections show Keisig 16 points ahead.

2024 Election Candidate Tracker

  • Premier Scott Moe - Rosthern Shellbrook

  • Lisa Lambert - Saskatoon Churchill-Wildwood

  • Muhammad Fiaz - Regina Pasqua

  • Jeremy Harrison - Meadow Lake

  • Lori Carr - Estevan-Big Muddy

  • Eric Schmalz - Saskatchewan Rivers

  • David Buckingham - Saskatoon Westview

  • Bronwyn Eyre - Saskatoon Stonebridge

  • Steven Bonk - Moosomin-Montmartre

  • Jeremy Cockrill - The Battlefords

  • Ken Cheveldayoff - Saskatoon Willowgrove

  • Gene Makowsky - Regina University

  • Alana Ross - Prince Albert Northcote

  • Christine Tell - Regina Wascana Plains

  • Hugh Nerlien - Kelvington-Wadena

  • Marv Friesen - Saskatoon Riversdale

  • David Marit - Wood River

  • Doug Steele - Cypress Hills

  • Terry Jenson - Warman

  • Daryl Harrison - Cannington

  • Travis Keisig - Last Mountain Touchwood

  • Everett Hindley - Swift Current

  • Todd Goudy - Melfort

  • Sean Wilson - Canora-Pelly

  • Warren Kaeding - Melville-Saltcoats

  • Tim McLeod - Moose Jaw North

  • Paul Merriman - Saskatoon Silverspring

  • Terri Bromm - Carrot River Valley

  • Joe Hargrave - Prince Albert Carlton

  • Colleen Young - Lloydminster

  • Jim Reiter - Rosetown-Delisle

  • Jim Lemaigre - Athabasca

  • Kim Gartner - Kindsersley-Biggar

  • Khushdil "Lucky" Mehrok - Regina South Albert

  • Blaine McLeod - Lumsden-Morse

  • Megan Patterson - Moose Jaw Wakamow

  • Darlene Rowden - Batoche

  • Laura Ross - Regina Rochdale

  • David Chan - Yorkton

  • James Thorsteinson - Cut Knife-Turtleford

  • Rahul Singh - Regina Northeast

  • Riaz Ahmad - Regina Coronation Park

  • Ghislaine McLeod - Saskatoon University-Sutherland

  • Jamie Martens - Martensville-Blairmore

  • Nicole Rancourt - Prince Albert Northcote

  • Joan Pratchler - Regina Rochdale

  • Betty Nippi-Albright - Saskatoon Centre

  • Aleana Young (Regina South Albert)

  • Trent Wotherspoon (Regina Mount Royal)

  • Nicole Sarauer (Regina Douglas Park)

  • Meara Conway (Regina Elphinstone Centre)

  • Matt Love (Saskatoon Eastview)

  • Nathaniel Teed (Saskatoon Meewasin)

  • Erika Ritchie (Saskatoon Nutana)

  • Vicki Mowat (Saskatoon Fairview)

  • Jordan McPhail - Cumberland

  • Melissa Patterson - Moose Jaw Wakamow

  • Bhajan Brar - Regina Pasqua

  • Tammy Pike - Martensville-Blairmore

  • Darcy Warrington - Saskatoon Stonebridge

  • Tajinder Grewal - Saskatoon University-Sutherland

  • Carolyn Brost-Strom - Prince Albert Carlton

  • Noor Burki - Regina Coronation Park

  • Jared Clarke - Regina Walsh Acres

  • Jacqueline Roy - Regina Northeast

  • Brenda Edel - Rosetown-Delisle

  • Tom Kroczynski - The Battlefords

  • Don McBean - Saskatoon Chief Mistiwasis

  • Grady Birns - White City-Qu'Appelle

  • Lenore Pinder - Yorkton

  • Lorne Schroeder - Kelvington-Wadena

  • Thera Nordal - Last Mountain-Touchwood

  • Cheantelle Fisher, Moose Jaw North

  • Kim Breckner, Saskatoon Riversdale

  • Alana Wakula, Saskatoon Willowgrove

  • Trina Miller - Batoche

  • Sally Housser - Regina University

  • Wynn Fedorchuk - Canora-Pelly