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About the Skoop

What’s The Skoop?

The SKOOP is an exclusive social lifestyle club that keeps members connected to events, adventures and activities of their choice in their city.

Who’s The Skoop For?

Active, Social adults wanting to become more interested or stay connected to the social scene in and around Calgary. Adventure seekers, those wanting to keep life exciting!

What Types of Events are on The Skoop?

Wine and Spirit Tastings, Restaurant or Club openings, culinary creations, Fashion shows, Charity events, group health and fitness events, adventures, profiling those in arts and entertainment, Sporting events, anything fun in and around the city!

Skoop Member Benefits

  • The Skoop does all the research and members enjoy the events.
  • Easy - Efficient - Exciting
  • Access to Calendar of events
  • Profiling so that you only receive invitations to events you prefer.
  • Notification of Events 7 days prior to public
  • Free access to “Owner’s Table” of Skoop hosted events
  • No Cover / No Line
  • Discounts, promotions to events
  • Discreet notification and website access
  • Newsletters on upcoming events profiling members experiences
  • Meet other members with similar interests
  • The best seat in the house!
  • Referral credits
  • Ability to host an event
  • Directly purchase tickets or RSVP to an event

If You Haven’t Joined Already...

What are you waiting for? The Skoop is the only site that profiles its members and assists event organizers in getting invitations to their target audience. Members know that if they receive an invite it is based on their preferences. Its that easy so join today and start living the life and enjoying the fun!

Join today or invite a friend to join.

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